Thursday, June 7, 2007

Second Life Gives Second Wind to Educational Gaming

Ever think that your children are wasting time with those mind numbing video games? Many studies have been conducted showing that gaming is not as detrimental as we once thought.

Second Life is an online environment completely created by it's users. If the player wants a motorcycle, then they model it, program a script for movement and sound, and if it is good enough they can sell it for real money via

Anything you can imagine can be created... Think of the possibilities! Engaging chat rooms with 3d avatars, programming students can script in real time and get immediate feedback from instructors and peers. Students could understand the concepts of business and commerce through actually selling what they have created.

They have an education page check it out and let me know what you think. Watch the videos on the side menu. I was quite impressed. Could this be a possible future of education?

Second Life:Education

Here are some videos from YouTube:

Watch these architecture students design a house based upon actual blue prints while their instructor oversees the design process

Architecture on the Double

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Architecture on the Double

A video game that can teach Neurology?

The Virtual Neurological Education Centre (VNEC) has been developed as an experiential learning environment for an Identified community and health care professionals.

An educator gives a walk-through of some of the benefits of Second Life.

VNEC Second Life

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VNEC Second Life

(Note: The green boxes on the table once clicked will bring up a window that shows symptoms, diagnostic strategy, etc. Notice also communication can be done via video on the flat screen tv, or from their lecture area.)

Education in Second Life: Explore the Possibilities

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Education in Second Life: Explore the Possibilities

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